<aside> 🌔 Hi, I'm Neo, the designer of the Neo series. I have been passionate about mechanical keyboards for a long time and derive a lot of pleasure from this hobby. To share this joy with more people, I founded Neo Studio with the goal of reducing the barrier to entry into this hobby and providing affordable mechanical keyboards to a wider audience.

Come see my first product, the Neo 65, which starts at $79.99 including the PCB! I hope you all enjoy it.

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<aside> 📌 This document is only referring to the Neo 65 sale on qwertykeys.com. All details are subject to change before the sale. Neo Studio reserves the right to make any changes to the details and information on this document.


Unibody Case

Our design code is based on minimalism. The Neo 65 features an ultra-slim side bezel that blends seamlessly with any desk setup, regardless of the theme.



Neat Side Profile

We chose an inward-sloping edge to complement the minimal design on the front. This also makes it easier to pick up the keyboard.

Brass Weight with Orbit Engraved Logo

The name Neo not only refers to the designer but also represents Near Earth Objects.

We opted for the orbit as the logo for the Neo series to symbolize the interconnection and alternation of our products.

Copper and Stainless Steel weights are also available for choice.

Copper and Stainless Steel weights are also available for choice.

Dual-Mounting System


gummy o-ring.jpeg

Selective PCBs