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<aside> 📌 This document is only referring to the QK65V2 Classic **sale on

All details are subject to change before the sale.

Please check Regional Vendors section for shopping locations.

Qwertykeys reserves the right to make any changes to the details and information on this document.**


Table of Contents

Regional Vendors

Vendors will hold the sale at different times. Please check with your local vendor for further information regarding their sales.


<aside> 🥂 The QK65v2 has received much appreciation due to its unique design style. However, we understand that this design may not appeal to everyone, especially minimalists. At Qwertykeys, we respect and value our community's feedback, which is why we decided to introduce a classic version of the QK65v2 for those who prefer simplicity. By omitting the mini screen and the LED strip, the QK65v2 Classic aligns more closely with the original QK65's design language. We hope this variant can meet the taste of those who prefer a cleaner look in their peripherals.